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Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera

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The Edge Pro cellular trail camera by Moultrie Mobile redefines what’s possible with game cameras. Edge Pro is built with first-in-class technologies to make the camera smarter in the field, from setup to download. With industry-first technology, Edge Pro can identify and capture only the species that matter to you; additional, through the Moultrie Mobile app you have the ability for selective triggering based on custom detection zones.

  • FTE Technology is comprised of 3 Smart Features in one state-of-the-art trail camera: Smart Capture, Smart Zones, and Smart Trigger.
  • Smart Capture – The first cellular trail camera to have on-device Artificial Intelligence that captures only what you want to see – reducing blank images and extending battery life.
  • Smart Zones – Selective triggering based on custom detection zones. Use EDGE PRO’s detection zones to control what areas in the FOV can trigger the camera.
  • Smart Trigger – PIR-based triggering is supplemented with self-learning AI analysis to further reduce false triggers.
  • Live Aim – A live look at the camera’s field of view via Bluetooth connection. See what the camera is seeing before you walk away and capture a test image to verify your placement.
  • NYXEL NIR (near infrared) technology enables image sensors that see better and farther in low light while consuming less power
  • Multiple Nationwide networks, connects to the strongest cellular signal in your area.
  • Built-in memory – no SD Card required
  • Time, date, moon phase, temperature and camera name stamping on every image.
  • Improved LED array for more even full-image illumination up to 100ft.
  • Expanded field of view of 50 degrees for even better coverage.
  • 2-year warranty backed by U.S.-based customer support, available 7 days a week.
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