• What Our Clients Are Saying

    "With over 30 years of industry experience, I trust AES to advise me with all my fishery needs. They are honest and accurate. They know their stuff." G. Wolf, Woodstock, GA



AES utilizes the most recent scientific research to remain on the cutting edge of what works the best for your lake or pond. AES biologists will work closely with you to develop an individual Fisheries Management Plan that is specially made to your specific goals and budget.

From fish stocking to fish habitat management, we offer fisheriesmanagement services all over the state of Georgia and throughout the Southeast.


Construction Services For Lakes & Fisheries

Proper design is an easy first step on the road to a well-managed pond. AES’s lake-designing team starts by determining your pond needs. Once we know the type of aquatic environment that you prefer, we assess the rainfall and watershed of the area to determine the size and shape best suited to your site.After the initial stages of lake design, we will work with (or employ) our large network of contractors to build the lake of your dreams. We also offer artificial habitat structures that will provide fishing hot spots once the lake is full.