Lake Construction Services

AES provides complete and professional lake and pond construction services. After the initial stages of lake design, we will work with (or employ) our large network of contractors to build the lake of your dreams. We also offer artificial habitat structures that will provide fishing hot spots once the lake is full. Other options available include installing piers, docks, floating docks, boat ramps, or even a sand beach.

  • Lake and Pond Design

    Proper design is an easy first step on the road to a well-managed pond. AES lake-designing team starts by determining your pond site and its requirements.

  • Lake and Pond Construction

    Our team of lake and pond construction experts realize that great results require taking the time to incorporate the natural contours and structure of your land.

  • Repair & Restoration

    Lake Restoration and Pond Restoration is a common need for all still waters that are not continually monitored and properly managed.

  • Dam Evaluation

    During a dam evaluation, the dam is inspected for erosion and/or leaking and overall dam integrity to ensure the dam is in proper working condition.

  • Dock Design & Installation

    AES has companies that are partnered with us to help provide our clients with a professional and complete dock design for your lake.

  • Dredging

    While there are many factors that can affect the length of a water bodies existence, dredging can help prolong the lifespan of the water body for many years.

  • Fish Habitat Construction

    Creating proper habitat during the construction process of a lake is crucial. If your goal is to create an outstanding fishery, having proper fish habitat is absolutely critical.

  • Pipe Repair

    Many lakes in the Southeast have older piping. Repairs are occasionally needed to keep systems properly working.

  • Lake Design Consulting

    Certain fish species require certain habitats. At AES, we offer lake design consulting at the early stages of development in the form of a site survey to determine feasibility of the pond.