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Fish Tagging Kit

Fish Tagging Kit

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This kit includes a tag gun and 100 numbered fish tags. These tags come in a variety of colors and numbers and are an easy way to keep track of fish growth, track a certain year class, or stocking class of fish. The tagging gun is a pistol grip style that inserts the tag to 5/8" depth and comes with a .077 OD needle. We use this fish tagging kit for our clients when performing our fishery analysis. Using the fish tagging gun, these tags are extremely easy to insert alongside the dorsal fin of fish. The tags have a "T-Bar" on the end of them which will lock the tag in place between the dorsal spines inside of the fish. Tags measure 1.75" in length.

Don't see the color or number options you prefer? Contact our office to order a specific color/number combination.

This video will show how simple the tags are to insert:

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