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Lake Management Services

We offer liming, vegetation control, aeration solutions, water testing, fish feeder installation, maintenance and more.

AES offers lake management services all over the state of Georgia and the Southeast.

  • Cyanobacteria Monitoring

    AES in conjunction with SePRO Research and Technology laboratories , can provide accurate and reliable analysis of cyanobacteria populations.

  • Water Quality Testing

    AES conducts a water quality analysis to determine several key water quality parameters and provide recommendations to improve your water quality.

  • Lime and Fertilization

    More about our liming and fertilization services.

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  • Lake Management Consultation

    Our lake management consultations are perfect for anyone interested in learning more about their pond/lake as well as the services and products we provide.

  • Lake Mapping

    Lake mapping refers to the process of creating detailed maps of lakes. These maps
    typically include various features such as the shape of the lake basin, depth contours,
    shoreline features, water quality parameters, and sometimes even submerged vegetation
    or structures.

  • Vegetation Control

    AES can assess the types of vegetation in and alongside your lake/pond to provide recommendations on controlling and preventing buildup.