Lake Audits:  Finding out what is swimming in your lake.

Lake Audits: Finding out what is swimming in your lake.


How confident are you in the health of your fishery?  Are you catching healthy fast growing fish?  Has it been a few years since you had a fish survey? Is something missing?

Whether you call it shocking, a lake audit or electrofishing, ... we are talking about what you have in your lake and are you are speaking our language!


At Aquatic Environmental Services, we provide professional electrofishing services that offer valuable scientific insight into your fishery's health.  With our cutting-edge technology, we analyze the quantity and type of fish in your water, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the state of your fishery and lake.  This professional study can also include mapping, dam inspection, water quality monitoring, aging of fish and health diagnosis as well as other services.

Based on the results and observations made during the survey, our biologists develop a strategic management plan tailored specifically to your lake’s budget and goals.

We have already audited over 100  lakes and ponds in the Southeast this spring and would love to visit your lake. To ensure your lake is audited and that you can get fish delivered this spring, we suggest contacting us promptly to get on the schedule before the summer heat approaches.

 At AES, we take great pride in creating clients' dream lakes.  We maximize your dollars with a well thought out plan. With our expertise and resources, we are well-equipped to make your vision a reality. Give us a call at 770-735-3523 or email to schedule your lake audit as the first step to your improvements. 

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