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Trophy Grower Max Pond Fertilizer (10-52-4)

Trophy Grower Max Pond Fertilizer (10-52-4)

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Trophy Grower Max 10-52-4, 25 lb. bag. 

Trophy Grower Max Fertilizer (10-52-4 with the micro-nutrient package) is the easiest, most efficient, and most economical choice for fertilizing fish ponds. Due to the fertilizer's higher phosphorus content and high solubility, it requires the application of only 8 lbs/acre in the Spring followed by only 4 lbs/acre once the "bloom" is established. It can simply be cast into the pond since it dissolves in the water with no dilution required as with liquid. Also no more lugging 60 lb. buckets to the boat or shore it can now be done at 1/3 the weight. This water-soluble pond fertilizer is nearly impossible to misapply. It also has an agent added to prevent caking meaning it can be stored for longer periods.

Prior fertilizer formulations including both granular and liquid are more labor-intensive and are denser than water. This product can sink to the bottom where most beneficial nutrients are wasted. In cost comparisons, the liquid price is slightly higher than the more efficient water-soluble formulation. This product has a higher phosphorus content than the highly advertised Perfect Pond Plus.

Remember to maximize fish production a proper lake fertilization program should maintain an 18 to 24-inch visibility from March through October. This pond fertilizer makes this task much easier.  Let the pros at Aquatic Environmental Services make sure you are maximizing your pond's potential.

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