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Mossback Safe Haven XL Laydown

Mossback Safe Haven XL Laydown

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Target Fish: Baitfish (i.e. minnows, sunfish, shad, fry, etc.)

Ideal Water Depth: 7 or more ft.

The Safe Haven XL Laydown is a great choice if you want to provide a fish sanctuary for your backyard pond or lake, attract and protect fry and forage, or use the baitfish to create an ambush spot for angler sport fishing! Duplicate a 5-foot tree on its side by deploying the Safe Haven XL Laydown horizontally in your favorite fishing spot. Rough textured V-shaped limbs promote sediment and plant growth to attract the fish while the condensed and flexible limb pattern replicates the look and feel of natural cover to keep them there. The trunk comes in one piece with deep cutouts so all you have to do is insert the limbs to your desired length. Deploy from a dock or slide off a boat and the habitat will sink to the bottom. Spend less time replacing natural habitats that decompose and more time fishing. Made from American made and recycled PVC that is durable, which means our artificial habitats last a lifetime so you will never have to worry about maintaining or replacing it. Start seeing minnows, carp, shad, sunfish, fry and all kinds of baitfish on your Safe Haven XL Laydown today!

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