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Pond Management Kit Pro

Pond Management Kit Pro

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The Pond Management Kit Pro includes a tag gun, 100 numbered tags, and a high end scale. By recording the weight and length and placing a numbered tag in the fish, you can then track the growth of each fish you tag when you catch them again. You can also use the colored tags to tag certain species of fish or to tag males/females. We analyze over 100 lakes per year and this is what we use. We have found it to be the most accurate and easy to use.

The Pond Management Kit Pro includes the following:

  • Check-It Stik Measuring Board (25")
  • MBSC-55 (Weighs in both pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams. 55 lb. capacity, water resistant and runs on 9V battery or optional AC adapter)
  • Pocket Thermometer
  • Secchi Disk
  • Clipboard
  • Data Sheets (Largemouth Bass Relative Weight Index, Fertilization Log, Harvest Log, and Feeding Log)
  • Pistol Grip Tag Gun
  • 100 Numbered Tags
  • 100 Colored Tags
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