Six Steps to Constructing Your Own Lake or Pond

Six Steps to Constructing Your Own Lake or Pond

Owning your own lake or pond may seem like only a dream, but AES can make that dream a reality and it is easier than you think.

Step 1 Contact AES to partner with you in bringing your dream to fruition. This allows them to take the stress and logistics off of you so that they can walk with you every step of the way throughout the entire process. 

Step 2– AES will evaluate the topography of the proposed lake or pond location and with the use of the latest technology create a topographical map of the site. Determining grades and the site's natural resources will contribute to the lake shaping process. We evaluate all land assets that will contribute to your fishing and lake aesthetic goals.

Step 3– After the topographical map is done, a site visit at the lake or pond construction location will be done to determine the type of soil and if it will percolate. We will also evaluate for the presence of clay needed for compaction for proper dam construction. A thorough watershed investigation will determine the lake size, dam height and width as well as slopes.

Step 4– AES will determine freeboard heights and outlet systems. We work alongside professional engineers to determine proper permitting requirements.

Step 5– After the dam construction, a fish habitat is designed. AES works with the builder to ensure maximum growth will be achieved so your fish goals are met.

Step 6- Once the lake or pond construction has taken place, AES will provide a custom fish stocking and lake management plan. 

The trusted experts at AES are ready to walk with you every step of the way from dream to reality in the construction, design, and management of your own lake or pond. Call us today! 

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